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MAGMA tiles by Equipe Ceramicas is an amazing collection of coloured wall tiles available in square shape 132x132mm and rectangular shape of 65x200mm, both in matt finish. They are made in Spain and are now available at Uptiles Strathpine.


Equipe Magma coloured wall tiles are for use in Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen. Add striking and vibrant colour and texture to your room by adding a wall of Equipe Add tiles. Cooler colours give calmer feeling. Warm colours give the room a welcome feeling while the hot colours give the room a striking intense feeling.

Used in shop fitting and commercial jobs to add eye catching colour to their project. Equipe Magma tiles are made in warm and cool colours that are used to create a mood setting in a shop or commercial space.

Tiles are resistance to thermal shock and staining therefore they are used internally and external for decoration on walls. Most importantly the surface is not affected by UV light and will not breakdown of fade over time


Ceramic wall tiles are easy to clean and will last a life time. When cleaning use a small amount of Methylated spirits in hot water. Then use soft cloth to wipe the surface for general cleaning. Besides that for extra cleaning use normal domestic cleaners because Equipe Magma tiles are resistant to chemical products, most importantly test a small area first.