Basin IBERIA 1200 double WHITE PORCELAIN 1200 x 20 x 460 mm



Product description

This white porcelain inset washbasin has 2 sinks with an undulating bottom and 2 taps.

White porcelain is notable for its lasting shine and its pure white colour that is unchanged after contact with most chemical products and is very resistant to scratches. It is a recyclable material and so helps to take care of the environment.

Dimension: 1200 mm x 460 mm and 20 mm thickness.

If you choose an inset washbasin, this is specifically notable for the availability of two sinks, maximising functionality in the bathroom and offering the possibility of sharing the same sink with another person; thus, avoiding queues and endless waiting.

Iberia 1205 mm (2 sinks) = 2 x 600 mm furniture units